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The founder of Hippopot Herbs, Alice Nugent, was born in Mozambique, and raised and educated in Zimbabwe. She worked in the Clinical Pharmacology department at the University of Zimbabwe, and later studied several branches of complementary therapies. Alice has over 20 years’ experience as a therapist in several countries. She studied Western Herbal Medicine at the University of Westminster, graduating with BSc (Hons). Her dissertation was on the use of the Moringa tree in Zimbabwe and other southern African countries as a herbal medicine. She also attained a Certificate in Specialist Coaching with the University of Leicester. In 2013 she completed the Certificate in Traditional Medicine at the University of Zimbabwe.

Alice’s passion is to promote the use of herbal medicine in Zimbabwe, where medical facilities, especially in rural areas, are often inadequate to support people’s needs, and clinics are too far for people to easily access the facilities. On the other hand, there is a tradition of using herbal remedies. These remedies are sometimes handed down as “folk wisdom”, and sometimes are prescribed by traditional healers. About 80% of the people in Africa use traditional medicine, according to the World Health Organisation’s Regional Director for Africa. But the WHO also warns that herbal remedies need to be properly evaluated so as to be integrated into national health systems.

The Hippopot Project is directed at women and girls in the rural areas of Zimbabwe. The objective is to develop a group of women and girls who understand the nutritional and medicinal benefits of various herbs; know how to cultivate these herbs; use them for food and medicinal purposes within their own families; can commercialise their cultivation for the benefit of a wider community; and can generate an income from selling to the local community.

We will post news of The Hippopot Project as work progresses. If you are interested in learning more, or in supporting this, please email us at alice@hippopot.co.uk

The Hippopot name and logo is a registered trade mark of Hippopot Herbs Limited and is used by The Hippopot Project by permission.