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Marlow To Malawi

On 25th February 2015 Alice Nugent and Caroline Sauerback set off from Marlow laden with clothing, bedding, pens and school items donated by well-wishers, together with lots more goods bought with the money raised at the Charity Event and donated by various supporters; all together more than 80 kgs in their suitcases!

Special thanks go to Caroline (pictured below) who paid her own way, and who worked extremely hard in Malawi to improve the conditions of the children’s lives. Click here to read Caroline's report on her visit.

The first job was to improve the accommodation. Heavy rain had caused a wall to collapse, and the roof was leaking. We spent the first two days cleaning, disinfecting, and spraying insecticide.

Then off to the local shops where we bought mattresses, household goods and food.

In the evenings we played games like dominoes and zentangle. We talked about the future and the children’s dreams.

We spent time teaching the children about hygiene and how to manage their lives better.

We told them about the people back in Marlow and the efforts they had made to provide the help we had been able to bring. Our reward was the difference we saw in the children’s lives: how they responded by making their own conditions cleaner and tidier.

Our hope now is raise funds to be able to send the children to boarding school where in addition to education they will also find security and decent food. The cost will be about $500 for each child for a year.

Donate to the Malawi Orphans Project at The Tea Shop