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Customer Testimonials

Dear Alice, thank you for making these teas that provide renewed health and healing. My clients with ADHD are feeling the benefits of Serenity for anxiety and Boost for tiredness. For those who have sleep troubles your Lullaby and Slumber are working miraculously to help them sleep restfully at night. Your products are such good value for money, and they have real integrity, which is so refreshing to many of the people I come into contact with who get promised the moon but experience no real results. Keep up the good work!! Thank you, DianneAdd testimonial text here...
Hi, I purchased some of your Serenity tea at Bourne End Market on Saturday and just wanted to leave you a testimonial. The tea is wonderful and so relaxing. In fact my partner and I are getting through two pots of it every evening! We will be sure to try some of your other teas next time we see you at the market. Would recommend Serenity to anyone who needs a de-stress after hard working day. :) Thanks again!We will shortly be updating this page with their latest customer testimonials.
Slumber tastes great and is simple to prepare with your teapots and strainers. Thanks so much.
I've tried these wonderful teas. Some to relax and some to energise. Fantastic. Thank you x
Your herbal teas are wonderful! The Slumber has helped me sleep each night and the Serenity relax in the evening. My teenage daughter drank a tea that you mixed especially for her at exam time as she felt stressed and it helped her through. Thank you Hippopot, I would like to fully recommend you to everyone.
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The serenity tea gives me the best nights sleep I have ever had. It deeply relaxes me and I feel all the worries lift from my mind. It's better then anything else I've tried. Thank you to Alice for her wonderful Herbal Teas. Love Liz x
I would love to vouch for the effectiveness of Lullaby tea. Last night I came to the conclusion of a thrilling book I've been reading. As my husband turned to me, acknowledging my facial expressions of emotion and said 'you shouldn't be reading that right before bed' I knew better! Head hit the pillow and that was it. Out for the count. This stuff works!